Gotland Sheep are known for their silky and lustrous grey wool and gorgeous pelts.  

Gotland sheep have truly amazing fleece.  Their fleece grows in a range of grey tones from black and blueish grey to silver and gossamer white.  They are very lustrous and shimmer in the sunlight.  The wool has a silky texture unlike almost any other breed.  The micron count ranges from 18-23 in lambs and low 30's in adults.  However, because of a unique protein structure it feels much softer. 

Gotlands also have wonderful personalities.  

 The breed originated in Sweden where they have been perfected for their wool, pelts and meat.  They are medium sized sheep of lighter build. 

Gotland sheep are the backbone of the flock with 90 registered breeding ewes and plans to expand.   They are very versatile sheep providing us with amazing wool, beautiful pelts, lamb, and milk.  


Flock Goals

Gotlands are hardy, productive and easy going sheep.  We hope to increase these good qualities over the years.  We strive for healthy low maintenance sheep who thrive on pasture alone with no grain feed.  They must have the highest quality fleece perfect for handspinners.  The ewes should raise their lambs on pure green grass.