Mid January 2017- A taste of spring in the middle of Winter

The main event of the month is that the first lambs were born! Twin boys from a first time mom.  They are doing great in a stretch of warm (by which i mean it's been above freezing all day).  The snow mostly melted in the last few days, though fortunately the ground is still frozen enough that the mud has not come out.  

The flock spends this time of year in the barn eating hay.  I put them out for a bit on nice days to air out and get some exercise, but they do spend the whole time waiting by the gate. The ewes are pregnant mostly happy to spend their days in the warm barn laying in clean straw.  

Iris, the border collie puppy, is 6 month old  and training her is a blast.  She is so smart, so keen, and just a pleasure to be around.  

The Great Pyrenees guardian dogs spend this season doing a lot lounging around with the occasional night barking at coyotes. 

I still have a selection of fabulous fall fleeces