Welcome to the farm Lil!

Sheep need to be moved regularly. So far i've managed to get them where they need to go with a mixture of moveable fencing, buckets of treats and pure luck.  As the flock expands i see the need for more reliable sheep movement.  There are moments when the above strategies have temporarily failed.  Then someone, or several unfortunate someones, are chasing sheep all over the field.  

For generations shepherds have been perfecting the ultimate sheep mover.  It is a creature of huge intellect, boundless energy, enough predator drive that the sheep fear it, and a desire to please shepherds. Meet the Border Collie.  


Lil is 2 years old.  She is bred from working lines of Border Collies going back generations.  She came to me knowing the basics of sheep work, which is a huge bonus since i have not trained my own border collie to work sheep before.  

She is an enthusiastic worker.  She absolutely loves her job and just can't enough of moving sheep around.  I look forward to shaping her and learning all that we can do together.  She also happens to be a really sweet dog and great company.