Shearing a Lamb- With help from the flock.

I do blade shearing on my lambs.  This means I don't use electric shears on their perfect soft fleeces, instead I use a set of old fashioned (and quite cool looking) blades, giant scissors basically.  I take longer to shear a lamb, normally 20-30 minutes depending on how wiggly each lamb is, but I get time to enjoy the fleece and I get the very best possible clip off each lamb.  An added bonus of blade shearing is that it is quiet.  I can have a conversation, or enjoy the grazing sound of sheep while shearing. Since i don't need electricity I can shear out in the field, at the moment this is an advantage since i don't have a barn yet, it is quite pleasant.  

I enjoy shearing.  I take out a piece of a cardboard, a bag for the fleece, and my shears.  I can make the selection of which lamb is ready and go for it.  Sometimes I don't even need to take the lamb out of the pasture and I shear with her flock looking on.  They tend to be really interested when I first start then go back to grazing until I'm done at which point everyone, except the newly sheared lamb, is ready for a few pets and scratches.