The lambs enjoy lush green pastures during the grazing season.   With every bite you will enjoy the benefits of local, fresh, sustainable grass fed meat.  Grass fed meat is healthier for you and for the planet.  Rotational grazing builds soil and creates fertility. No hormones, antibiotics, or wormers used in our lambs.  They go beyond organic because they are not fed grain.  

The breeds I raised tend to have smaller bones than most and are naturally lean. The meat has a fine grain and a very pleasant mild flavor. 

Hanging weights should be 25-50 lbs. Price will be $6/lb hanging weights.

Taking reservations for 2017.  

Deposit of $50 each will hold your place on the list.   Harvest dates will be from August to December. 

 Processed at a local butcher.   Discount for 4 or more.  Email to discuss.