Border Collies are essential for this farm.  They are enthusiastic about their job, always ready to work, and great company.  Management intensive grazing sheep on pasture requires the sheep to be moved daily onto fresh grass. Some days they get moved quite a distance.  Border Collies make this a pleasant task.  

Currently two females reside and work here, Lil and Iris.  

Lilly, aka Lil was born in 2013 to a breeder here in Maine.  She came to me knowing the basics of sheep work and made herself indispensable on the farm.  She works her heart out and always wants to do more.

Iris was born summer of 2016 and came here at 8 weeks old.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to train her and shape her into a fantastic working dog.  So far she is wonderful to train and loves her job.  Her feel for sheep is really remarkable.  She is proving to be thoughtful and intelligent as well as bold.